Review: Ricky Rebel “The New Alpha” by Addison Coleman

Colin Headshot Rebel EDIT_preview

Dauntless electronic glam-pop rocker Ricky Rebel audaciously released his new album called, “The New Alpha”. The album represents the artist’s demand for empowerment. A soldier in the new revelation of gender challenging “Rebels”, Ricky has created a dance driven, modern rock, full track album that I feel is currently relevant and that many of the population will relate to.

Ricky Rebel is the former lead singer of the boy band “No Authority”. He has since gone solo and is making some waves in the industry. His first single off the album, ” If You Were My Baby” has already charted on Billboard. 

Rebel has an impressive musical history of touring with Brittney Spears, and once being signed to Madonna’s label. “The New Alpha” is his third studio album, and one of his strongest and most mature, musically. His songs are inspirational, addressing masculinity and femininity in an objective way. His latest single “Time”, just released is full of meaning with a message regarding the appreciation for someone you love. 

Most importantly each song has its own message, it’s own sonic scintillation, a flash of light produced by the passage of an alpha particle. Rebel produces his own flash of light within this release, and is an essential purchase.


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