Top Ten Indie Record Labels


Independent labels have been making an impact for decades, but the importance of their work is more evident than ever. While radio and television—promotional media lanes traditionally reserved for major label clients—were once the dominant means of breaking artists, the Internet now plays a large role in bringing music to the forefront, and independent labels have a platform to compete on a large scale. Today, indie labels account for about 40% of overall record sales, and while this share is split among thousands of labels worldwide, there are some that stand out among the rest.  Here are our top 10 record labels that carry a strong impact within the industry.

“Money can’t buy time, and patience is probably the most underrated value in the music business.”

-Mike Caren, president of worldwide A&R at Warner Music Group

1. Spectra Music Group

Label Genre(s): Pop | Rock | Hip Hop | R&B | Jazz | Country


Artist Count: 362…

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