Saskia Vese: The Wonder Woman of Country Music By Eileen Shapiro


As na├»ve as Loretta Lynn in “A Coal Miners Daughter”, yet as strong as she became, British Country singer Saskia Vese is quickly creating a supreme buzz both in the U.K. as well as stateside. Sounding similar to the iconic Shania Twain, and equally as talented, Saskia’s dreams of recording a country hit is just moments away.

With two singles already recorded, her third single entitled, “Slow Dance” was just released on December 23, 2017, and is already making a dent in the country scene. Having aspirations of visiting New York, and eventually recording in Nashville, Saskia is designing her own career, crafting her talent, and planning some gigs in the US.

I met Saskia on the streets of London, along with her little dog Ambia, and found her easily to be a brand new friend. Aside from her singing and recording, she is also a successful fashion model, which she uses as a vehicle to follow her musical dream.

What first stimulated you to become a singer?

Olivia newton John got me interested in country music. I officially started singing after hearing Shania Twain, who is one of my favorite singers.

In a country like the U.K. that is inundated with rock influenced genres, how did you come to love country music?

After watching “Grease” I started researching the career of Olivia Newton John, and when I realized she was a Grammy Award Winning Country Music Singer I started listening to her music all of the time . I used to sing all of her songs, I know them all and have all of her albums.


What is your favorite reason for singing to live audiences?

I am very passionate about my music and love to share and hopefully connect with them on a level that everyone can identify with. I hope that my fans and music lovers enjoy what I do as I love performing for them.

Do you have a favorite singer, and why?

Olivia Newton John is my favorite singer. Olivia Newton John has written such a large catalog of phenomenal songs and touches people in a way you wouldn’t think possible . Olivia is willing to reveal how she’s feeling in a song. I think that Olivia Newton John is courageous, strong, passionate and kind, and hope to emulate her career. I play her music almost every day and really respect her as an artist.

If you could write the soundtrack of your life, what songs would be on it?

The soundtrack of my life would consist of Country songs, old Americana songs, Country/Rock Pop songs, Acoustic guitar ballads and Uptempo ballads.

Someone has just written the story of your life, what’s the title?

“Love Is The Reason In The End”

Where do you hope to be in five years?

I hope to be signed to Sony Records in Nashville and to have homes in Nashville and New York, while having 2-3 successful Country albums. I would also love to sing live on the Jules Holland show on BBC TV and radio.

What is your very best quality, and why?

I have a pure strong heart, I really like to help others as well as pursuing my dreams of being a successful country singer. I think it is important to have a pure strong heart that you live by or else your dreams will never be yours.

When you’re not doing music, what are you doing?

I love going to the cinema, walking my dog Ambia , spending time with my family, studying Apple Apps, listening to my jukebox quite loud, playing dance music and singing karaoke.

If you could give the younger Saskia advice, what would you tell her?

Stay at school until your 18-19, then attend University for 3-4 years. When you have completed this task you will be ready to tackle the world. Also, avoid having a boyfriend when you are young and ambitious

If you could tell your fans anything, what would you want them to know?

I’d want them to know that now they have me and will never be alone again. Hopefully the lyrics to my music will guide them like Olivia Newton John guided me.

What’s new for Saskia in 2018 and beyond?

My new single “Slow Dance” is now out and available on iTunes and Amazon worldwide. We are working on playing several UK music festivals and possibly a tour in New York. I am going to NYC in March for a few months to write, record, and hone my craft. The possibilities are endless and I want to thank all my fans for their never-ending support.
Twitter @saskia_vese


Review: Sluka “Colorful Radiation” By Addison Coleman

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

As a balanced musical artist, Christopher Sluka possesses the capacity to shrewdly verbalize himself in numerous genres, platforms, and mediums. As a vocalist, lyricist, artist, and entertainer, he has released 11 studio collections to critical acclaim.

Notwithstanding music-production, Sluka is additionally a striking visual craftsman, increasing worldwide exhibition for his surrealistic oil works of art that have graced displays from New York to San Diego, and Tokyo to Milan.

Towards the beginning of his profession, while performing live in the New York music scene, Sluka created a name for himself and was often included with many multi-platinum artists of the time in conversation. With comparisons to Coldplay, David Bowie, and many others, Sluka is a constant force to be reckoned with in the world of mainstream and indie music.

“Colorful Radiation” is the title of Sluka’s eleventh release, and it is being met with amazing support from the industry and fans worldwide. “Number One” is the first single released, and the video is doing very well, with a ukulele introduction like nothing ever heard on an incredible rock track. Watch the video for “Number One” and you will see what I am talking about:


“Colorful Radiation” Track Listing:

Number One
Tease Me
A Mode Of Joy
Slinging Slights
Cold War
Visceral Repercussions

Many of the songs have incredible harmonies and piano melodies, “Virga” stands out as one of the album highlights, with great musicianship and a soaring vocal range that radiates to all who are listening.

Sluka’s vocals are like no other, sometimes bewildering and other times giving out a chilling positive vibe that compliments his musicianship and free spirited, celebratory attitude.

Many of the tracks on “Colorful Radiation” are piano-laden with lush string instrumentals that create a sound unique to the artist, always combining soothing harmonious vocals to all of the songs on the album, whether they are stadium stompers, ballads and everything in between.

“Colorful Radiation” now has a visual album that contains all 10 songs has been released as a combo 3D, 4K and Blu-ray package on Amazon. Get it today so you really comprehend the genius that is Sluka.

Sharon Lia: “Talent With A Heart” by Eileen Shapiro

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Being introduced to singer/songwriter/musician and recording artist Sharon Lia was a treat in itself, speaking to her became even more special but hearing her music suddenly harmonized into the titanic icing on the cake!

Hailing from New Jersey, Sharon played Keys and began to write songs at age 14. It was then that her mom so impressed with her talent awarded her daughter music lessons. Inspired by her music teacher’s magic words, “a creation isn’t a creation until you share it with someone”, Sharon went on learning her craft, performing in talent shows, and finally forming a band of her own. In 2014 she won her very first “Breakout Artist” competition, and from there began touring with the band, winning fans from NJ to New Orleans, and hasn’t stopped since.

Currently Sharon is in the midst of recording with Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum engineer and producer David Ivory. Sharon was named 2017 Pop/Contemporary Artist of the Year at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville. Having been invited to play at The White House, becoming a voting member of “The Recording Academy”, (Grammy Association), Sharon Lia is experiencing the journey of a lifetime.

Her music is generated from the heart and soul of an artist who cares about others. Her genuine lyrics and sonic innocence and vulnerability pierces the hearts of her listeners leaving a a lifelong impact on those who hear it. Although some of her music seems inspired by personal tragedy including her own fight with cancer which has inspired her to form “Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause”, a music driven organization, she tends to create vivid and vibrant colorful pictures of songs people can relate to.

On February 20th Sharon will be unleashing her newest single entitled, “Anomie”……Sharon Lia is an artist’s who serves as an inspiration to those who don’t believe in themselves, but who are following their dream. She is living proof that “Fairytales’ do come true.


When did you actually start to sing?

I actually started playing the piano and singing when I was about six, and I wrote my first song when I was 14. I turned to my mom and played her a song that I had written, and was really cute. Her jaw dropped, and then she let me start taking lessons. It wasn’t until high school until I started really integrating singing, writing lyrics, and playing the music all at the same time, because that’s really hard to do.

What have you been working on as far as your recent music projects?

It’s really an amazing story, what’s happening right now. We are working with Grammy nominated, platinum winning producer and engineer David Ivory. He’s known for working with artists such as Patti LaBelle, Hailstorm, Silvertide…. I had worked with him a couple of years ago, but I was just getting my band together. So I started my band, “The Sharon Lia Band”, and we did covers and originals. We covered a lot of ground as a band, getting the word out of who we were. We put out an album last year, and that was the first thing we did together. I went back to David, wanting to work with him again, and it was great because he wanted to work with us as well. So we are working with him and we have a song coming out on February 20th called, “Anomie”.

That will be available for pre-order on February 5th, and after that we have a song called. “Why Can’t We Pretend” following that….hopefully we will just keep building from there. I’ve really been on a journey. I’ve gone through a lot of things in my life including cancer. I’ve had to fight for my voice. I finally became a voting member of the Grammys. That’s not just something they give out. I was really very thrilled because I bought a dress many years ago, and I had said to myself that “this was the dress I was going to wear to the Grammys one day”. I just put it out for the universe because at the time I did not believe in myself. I was in a situation where there wasn’t a whole lot of hope. There wasn’t a whole lot of reason to believe, but I had this blind faith and this force inside me that said, ” you have to keep on going”.

What inspires your song writing?

As a writer, I write what comes from my heart. I sit down at a piano and I start writing this music and then I start writing words. The way I know that this song is going to be a beautiful song is if I started to well up in my eyes. Then I sing the song to myself over and over. If I do sing it over and over to myself that means it’s memorable, which hopefully means the fans will think that it’s memorable. Songs that are memorable, will hopefully be things people will remember and go back to. I have gone to different people to record my music and the one thing that I have noticed is that one song is like a Donna Summer song, one song is like an Adele song… here it is I’m in all of these different lanes. The dance song had dance Instruments and the rock song had rock instruments….and you can do all of this but you have to use sort of the same instrumentation so you can tell that it’s a Sharon Lia song. So the producer that I’m working with now is helping us stay in that lane. The new song that’s coming out is alternative rock, similar to “Coldplay”, but it’s not pop. The subject matter is very intimate. It really describes things that people go through that we really don’t talk about. Your outward face to the world may be beautiful. I see pictures of you with your pink hair, and you look awesome, and everything looks great….. but you don’t really know what a person is going through. A lot of times we keep all of that well under wrap. My A&R guy pointed this out to me explaining that I write about what people may be going through. They may look like everything is fine on the outside, but they are encountering these things on the inside that they don’t talk about. He said that I write music about that, and that’s something I didn’t realize about myself.

So basically people connect with you deeply through your songs?

Yeah, yeah.

You’re also a graphic designer correct?

I am a graphic designer. All of the graphics that you see on my web site I designed, but it’s very time consuming. I do posters, logos, book covers, text for booklets, anything that you can imagine. Plus I have a regular day time job. I also write for a magazine myself, but I just don’t have time and I had to take a break. I’m usually the one asking the questions.

What does “Anomie” mean?

So I sent over my lyrics and the meaning of the song to my team. I really had to sit down and think about what each song meant, but “Anomie” was pretty interesting because no body knows what that word means. You have to listen to the song. When we release the song, we might actually run a contest for people to guess what this song is about. It’s a subject matter that no one has ever sung about, or written about.

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Ghostly Beard To Release New Single “The Love In Your Eyes” On Friday February 2nd, 2018

Inward Cover.jpg
Super-Talented Indie Anomaly Ghostly Beard is releasing his highly anticipated new single “The Love In Your Eyes” off his soon to be released new album “Inward,” with proceeds to benefit MusiCounts. Support Indie Music, download your copy on Friday February 2nd, 2018.

You may have crossed paths with him on the street, or been in line with him at the grocery store. He has a beard, he’s in his 50s, and he’s the man behind the invisible artist Ghostly Beard, a visionary artistic entity with a boundlessly creative sweep that encompasses soft rock, jazz, prog-rock, fusion, pop, classic rock, and more.

The story goes that Ghostly Beard is a virtuoso singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who recently came out of a 15-year musical retirement. Since emerging in 2013, he has written an eclectic body of music more than 40-songs strong.

The man behind the music is Patrick Talbot. Talbot grew up a hotshot guitarist with an effortless command of the instrument and fluidity in a variety of genres. Domestic responsibilities, and the demands of making a living, sidelined him. However, a series of events-both painful and liberating-have enabled him to reunite with his true love for a second chance.

“Returning to music was hard at first because I was frustrated with my loss of technique,” shares the Montreal, Canada-based artist. “But when I re-discovered the pleasure of songwriting, I found myself mining an emotional depth I hadn’t reached before.”


Talbot prefers the anonymity of the Ghostly Beard moniker because it affords him a music-first platform in line with his artistic ethos: “I like to be in the shadows and just focus on the work,” he reveals. In keeping with these ideals he eschews live performances.

Ghostly Beard’s music offers an immersive emotionality that can appear enigmatic. Beneath its dreaminess are themes of absence, yearning for the past, regret and hope. Also penetrating what could seem like Ghostly Beard’s icy veneer of anonymity is the love for his daughter. “Something changed for me when I became a father. Even if I am something of a loner in this world, she is there to ground me,” Talbot shares.

Ghostly Beard’s kaleidoscopic creativity has garnered him comparisons to such diverse artists as Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, James Taylor, Genesis, XTC, Cat Stevens, Weather Report, Michael Franks and Chicago. He crafts immersive dreamy sonic landscapes that emotionally blur the line between dark catharsis and subtle rays of hope.

Request “The Love In Your Eyes” by Ghostly Beard at your favorite radio station today!


In accordance with Ghostly Beard’s belief in giving back, helping others and paying it forward, all the proceeds of the sales of this single and album will be reversed to MusiCounts – a Canadian charity organization that helps music education with a wide variety of actions across the country.

Follow Ghostly Beard on the web:
On Twitter @GhostlyBeard

Super Drag Queen Diva Jacqueline Dupree Releases New Single and Video “I Don’t Want You No More”


NYC’s Hottest Draq Queen Diva Jackie Dupree has just released her brand new Dance single and music video “I Don’t Want You No More” to critical acclaim. Now available worldwide, download your copy today!!

Diva Jackie Dupree is an international recording artist and drag entertainer born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She moved to the East Coast to pursue a singing and acting career. She has been a member of and played for the New York Gay Football League for over a decade.

Jackie has shared the stage with many notable entertainers, including Grace Jones, Regina Bell, and RuPaul, to name a few. She has appeared at venues as diverse as The Russian Tea Room, Copacabana, and XL Nightclub. Additionally, she has performed in venues around the world, such as in Iceland, Turkey, and Bermuda.


Diva Jackie Dupree is a regular staple at the legendary national landmark, The STONEWALL Inn.

Check out the official video for “I Don’t Want You No More” by Diva Jackie Dupree here:

Download your copy of “I Don’t Want You No More” on iTunes in the United States here:

Follow Diva Jackie Dupree on Twitter @DivaJDupree

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Fire Bug: “A Super Talent” by Eileen Shapiro


Jules and Juliette are the center of the pop rock duo/ band called “Firebug”. Having just released a new single called “Follower” via Spectra Music Group, they will be unleashing a full record in April entitled: “Wondering Soul”.

Having traveled from place to place, the group’s influences are vast and reflect in their music. The Chicago born couple have a lot to give to an audience and often play live. I spoke with them about their music, and they proved to be a lot of fun and quite prolific.

You are a really cool talent; how did you guys originate?

Juliette: We were both looking to form a band, and that’s how we met. We’re both from Chicago. After a brief time of being together in Chicago we moved out to Los Angeles. While we were there we booked up a storm and then moved to New Orleans for a few years. After we stayed in New Orleans for a little while we decided to come back to LA. Now we are east of Los Angeles in the Joshua Tree area.


Jules: We met in Chicago and that’s when we formed our band. We are both from Chicago originally.

Is it just the two of you?

Jules: Yeah, we are pretty much the core of the band. Like the Eurythmics.

So, you have a new release?

Jules: We just released a single on Spectra called, “Follower”. It’s been out about two weeks, on iTunes, and we are actually making a video for that right now out here in the desert. Our full release which is going to be called, “Wondering Soul”, will be out on April 6.

Who writes the songs?

Juliette: We both do, but mainly me. I write all the lyrics and a lot of times I come up with song ideas. I’ll have the lyrics, melody, and music and then Jules will add to it. Sometimes he’ll come up with the music. We both play guitars, but Jules is mainly the guitar player.

Do you perform live often?

Jules: Yes, we do. Right now, we’re trying to piece the players around us to go out there with a full band, but her and I perform as a duet as well. That’s what we have been doing since we’ve arrived here. We have a few shows coming up, about 15 shows.

Juliette: Which is a lot. We arrived here only a few months ago. We’ve been very fortunate, we’ve met a lot of really cool people here. So, we’re feeling pretty good about our decision to move here. There were some really creative and awesome people that live in this area.

Jules: So, getting back to the ” Following” release and our connection with Joshua Tree, about four years ago we recorded half of our record here. We did the rest in New Orleans. The record is kind of a combination between two places.

Where would you like to go with your music? Where do you want to be say in a year’s time?

Jules: We’d like to be on the road playing music festivals, touring Europe and just getting our music out there to a wide variety of people. Our sound crosses over to different genres.

Juliette: We are a rock band, but we have different influences. I think that’s what Jules is trying to say. We hit all people that listens to different kinds of popular music. Not everyone of course but a lot of people do pick up on it. Sometimes we have the ability to cross over. Hopefully within a year will have a larger audience who will get to hear our music. Hopefully will play in more places and for more people.

Are you two a couple?

Jules: Yes. It’s a balancing act but we love what we do, we love each other and we’re just trying to keep the wheels turning and keep on moving because with these times and such, it’s good to navigate because everything is constantly changing. You don’t have to reinvent yourself all the time, but you have to definitely keep on top of all the different changes and stay focused.

Make sure everyone picks up the new single “Follower” which is out now at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more and be on the lookout for their new album out in April called “Wandering Soul”.

Visit their website at
Follow Firebug on Twitter @firebugmusic

Paisley Fields: “Glitter and Sawdust” by Eileen Shapiro


Queer country at its best is audaciously represented by recording stars, Paisley Fields, a Brooklyn based country and western band headed by frontman James Wilson. About to drop their newest album, entitled “Glitter and Sawdust”, this band has created a strong buzz in the country music industry.

James Wilson not only sings and writes country music, and is a multi-instrumentalist, but is also the pianist at Uncle Charlie’s and The Monster Bar in New York City, where he provides an entrancing sing along several nights a week.

I spoke with James and found him to be an incredibly authentic and genuine person, both creative and fun……

How did you get into country music?

I always grew up around it, I grew up in a one stoplight town in Iowa. I just really love to play it, it comes naturally. I never really felt tied to country music, because I don’t feel tied to any genre really. I think that the song is the boss, and however the song should go that’s the genre it will be. But for now, I really like playing country music, it’s just what I enjoy doing.


You write the songs, correct?

I write the songs, and I also co-write some of them. On this album we have a couple of cover songs, but yes I’m the primary song writer.

What inspires your songs?

Whatever is going on in my life is really what inspires my songs. I just sit down, I’ll start playing with a melody, then play with some chord progressions, and sort of see what comes out. I sort of let the song lead and it writes itself, and I just really get out of the way and become a conduit for it.

What was it like growing up in a small town in Iowa?

Growing up in Iowa, it was good but I had to be cautious because being gay from a very small town…. I’m still very close with my best friend. We were talking the other day about high school, and I said, “I was such a nerd in high school”. And she said, “No you weren’t a nerd, you were just gay”. I was like an outsider because I was different from everyone, but I was lucky to have a little group of weirdos around me as friends.

If you could have your ultimate stage fantasy, what would you need to happen?

My ultimate stage fantasy would be a huge show like in Madison Square Garden. I like to dream big but I’d love to do a really big show with a grand piano, and have a big production. It would be so much fun. But, I’m happy playing in small pubs for anybody, I just love performing… anywhere.

How many members are there in the band?

So it depends on the show. When we tour we can tour as a trio, or a quartet. On the album we had about nine people recording. It varies.

So you play piano at The Monster? When?

I play at The Monster Thursday happy hour, and Friday and Sunday, late night. We get a really a fun crowd. I sing with them.

Have you actually toured outside New York?

Yeah, we toured quite a bit. Last year we played Lexington pride, and the year before that we did a pride tour so we played Nashville, Louisville, we toured the south quite a bit. We also toured through the Midwest and will be doing the West Coast in May this year.

What do you enjoy most about playing live?

I would say that the thing I like best is really connecting with an audience. When everybody is really engaged, and you are sharing the energy, it’s sort of like a group effort, and the audience gives back as much as you give out. When they really engaged that’s the most fun.

Where did you get the name Paisley Fields?

I got it from the conversation I had with one of my friends. We were trying to come up with the name and she lives in Minneapolis and Paisley Park is there, and I love Prince. So she suggested Paisley Fields. I thought that actually really fit.

If you could say anything to your fans and followers, what would you say?

I would say just be you. Don’t worry about what other people think or say. The best thing you could be is yourself and love yourself.

Is there anything that you want to tell me that we haven’t spoke about?

Our new album is coming out and we’re really excited. Do you know who Eric Bazilian is from The Hooters?

Omg of course.

We’re covering a song that he wrote called “Where Do the Children Go?” on the album. I actually had the good fortune of meeting Eric about a year ago and we became friends and started working together. So he’s playing mandolin on that. I thought that was really cool. I really look up to him as an artist. So that will be coming out in the Spring. It’s a full-length album and we have a single coming out later this month called “The Door”. The Album is called “Glitter and Sawdust”. We just finished recording the video with Mikhail Torch. There’s a Iot of glitter. We need a lot of glitter.

I love that title..there’s nothing more fun than glitter, and lots of it.

We also have a residency at “Hanks Saloon” in Brooklyn on Sundays in March. We will be playing there every Sunday in March from 6 to 8. It’s one of my favorite places and they are closing. I said ” We’ve got to get in before they close”, and then they offered us a residency.