TRUE Beauty Marks!


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The three markets that push and pull Pop Culture are:  music, movies, and fashion.  And the one thing that ties in everything within the entertainment business is IMAGE as this business is image-driven.

One thing the movie “Black Swan” taught us, other than being competitive gives you the edge, is that true beauty may not be what we expect.  Honestly, wasn’t Natalie Portman’s black swan character the most ah-some.  It was when the black swan revealed her true identity that the movie reached its pinnacle. 

In reality, that is what nature has taught us.  That what makes YOU perfectly imperfect is your TRUE Beauty Mark.  I am not talking about your passion mole or birth mark, I am speaking about those laugh lines, bruises, varicose veins, stretch marks, cellulite, uneven skin tones, moles, freckles, or just not fitting into the mold set by society’s standards.

TRUE beauty marks are anything that we may consider to be a bother when we are getting dressed to impress even the smallest of onlookers.

You know the scenario:  it is bathing suit season and now that you have shed all your winter layers, you are shopping for that cute little two-piece bikini in hopes to show it off at the beach.  Then suddenly while trying on a swim suit in the fitting room, the fluorescent light exposes the cellulite on your tush and the new varicose vein that popped up out of nowhere.  Immediately you think, “I have to go to Ulta to get some concealer because this is not going to work on the beach – these ugly sights have to go.”  That is the typical reasoning when it comes to viewing our natural bodies, and there is reason for this type of warped thinking.

In society with the invention of reality stars, picture filters, photo shop and cropping, rarely do we see TRUE beauty marks anymore.  Anything that is considered natural or legendary is seen as ugly, horrible, or un-pretty.  So of course, we have become conditioned to think negatively of our natural beauty and shamed when it reveals itself to the public.

Gladly, there are brands and social media platforms that are featuring TRUE beauty marks:

I mean, these individuals are featuring TRUE beauty marks.  And they are beginning to alter that negative thinking pattern.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, a “beauty mark” is a “a small dark mark (such as a mole) on the skin especially of the face;” but let’s change that definition, let’s say that a Beauty Mark is the curvy ladies auditioning among straight size models, kinky hair being featured on a magazine next to straight hair, porcelain skin and tanned skin equally being admired for their beauty, and everything in between.

So, the next time you look in a mirror and think “oh, no,” instead think “oh, yes!”  Instead of applying concealer to your varicose veins, say they are your natural tattoos and display them with pride.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to decrease your cellulite or laugh lines, embrace them beauties.

And instead of covering up the uneven skin, show them up with vibrant color patterns within your wardrobe.

Show what some may call your inadequacies, things to cover up, or blemishes as your difference!

Those are your perfect imperfections!  Let your TRUE beauty marks shine.

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Image: HD Wallpapers (Natalie Portman)

What’s On Your Indie Music List for the Summer?! How About Verity White!

Yes, this is some ah-some Rock music for your summer days and nights.

When I say Rock Music, or Rock Band, or Rock Star, what image(s) immediately comes to mind?  Kravitz, Guns N Roses, Kiss, The Cure, Hendricks, Van Halen, Zeppelin, Bowie? (to name a few)?

Well, I pretty much figured these would be some of the answers simply because looking back on music there were not many females in Rock even though women came onto the scene of Rock music back in the 1930s.  But clearly they were not on the main stage or making it to the airwaves until the 1960s.  So of course most fans of Rock music instantly think of the male form when they are asked this question and they are not wrong.

But when music videos became a cult favorite in the 80’s, females in Rock began to create more waves.  They were displaying their nine inch nails, their diamond studded stilettos, and their leather.  They were rebellious and they were raw. So now we have Chrissie Hynde, Tracy Chapman, Joan Jett, Bonnie Raitt, Courtney Love, Brittany Howard, The Go-Gos, Grace Slick, Tina Turner, Pat Benatar, Grace Jones, Annie Lenox as well as others who have laid tracks and are making and leaving their mark.

Well, I have run across many female “Rockers” today, but one that stands out in the crowd as a legend in the making is Verity White.  If you do not know her, shame on you, but there’s hope.  Read on, and I bet once you get finished reading, you will be a fan of this diamond.

Hailing from the UK, Verity White has the same work ethic, dangerous panache, and lyrical flavor and stamina as those females listed above.

Formally an active member in function bands and theatrical productions, it wasn’t until 2016 that Verity began digging her nails in Rock music as a solo artist.  She went on tour with Pendragon as a backing vocalist and followers began to become curious as to how her own voice sound.  Working along with her husband Alex, Verity found her sound and her style and introduced it to the globe professionally in autumn 2016 with her first release.

Since 2016, Verity has garnered accolades for her originality and sound receiving the honor of “The Best Female Indie Artist” (Spiderweb Radio) and “Best Alternative Rock Song” (Akademia Awards Jul 2017).  Indie radio stations have established her as a regular on their playlists across the world while she racks up promotional scores from active social media platforms and channels.

Preceding her most recent work in music are two EPs “Parentheses” and “Stripped Bare.” 

Her latest release “Breaking Out” is a collection of Rock songs kissed by Soul, Punk, Progressive, Folk, and EDM which just puts her above her Rock female competitors today on mainstream radio.

Verity’s personality is like a diamond which just gets brighter and of more value under pressure and she has conveyed this distinctiveness into “Breaking Out” which exhibits how females, like diamonds, just get better and better and they win!

That’s why she’s on my Indie Music List for the Summer – it’s going to be blazin!  I bet you pick her music to be on your summer playlist too.

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Review: American High: “Cheye Calvo” by Harry Wells

American High - Cheye Calvo.jpg

A raging political tsunami, American High is a stunning example of social consciousness versus social unconsciousness. Hell bound to let society know what’s really going on with music, “Cheye Calvo” chronicles the disregard for the human race by Maryland Sheriff’ office and Police Department during a mistaken drug raid at the home of former Berwyn Height mayor. A SWAT team mistakenly raided the residence of Cheye Calvo, killing his 2 dogs and holding his family at gunpoint. Calvo and his mother-in-law were hand-cuffed and questioned for hours, while Calvo was only wearing his underwear.

The song draws attention to the injustice masked behind an exciting pop sense, with a vibrant vocal texture and irresistible harmonies, making the story come to life as if it were a movie in progress. The song has an addictive sound, while it seems to whisper chants of poor legislation however, upon listening closer it actually shouts bureaucratic atrocities. There is a fire burning deep within this song, one that cannot be extinguished.

If one is unconcerned about administrative concepts, the track still works as it is fun, radio friendly and probably one of the most unique vocal arrangements released recently. The video is set to be released within the next few weeks, and promises to be riveting.

American High also promises to release several follow-ups to this single promoting several other relevant social conscious quirks in today’s society…stay tuned.

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No Tears For British Rocker Sam Stevens’ New Single “Don’t Cry” By Nathan James


British rocker Sam Stevens, whose dynamic style and fresh approach to music have marked him as one of today’s emerging artists to watch, recently debuted his latest single, Don’t Cry, during New York Fashion Week, at the city’s upscale Mark De Alwis Salon. This upbeat song gives us everything to smile about, with its lively drum track, energetic riffs, and, of course, Sam’s vocals. His deep, mellifluous delivery reminds me of The Cars’ Ric Ocasek, or the early work of Jim Morrison. He doesn’t miss a note in this pop-retro creation, which evokes both ’80s New Wave, and contemporary undertones. It’s a delight to hear!


Sam is well along on his artistic journey, having made quite a splash in the Big apple, where he appeared at Boxers and the famed Bowery Electric, to enthusiastic audiences. He’s known around the globe for his vocal ability, charm, charisma and swagger, Sam Stevens is now coming into the realm as a superstar solo vocalist in his own right. Don’t Cry is an excellent opener for what I am sure is a harbinger of great things to come from this gifted performer. There’s a new video on the way to go with it, too, and more songs to brighten the coming spring days, from an artist you don’t want to miss. There are no tears on the horizon for Sam, on either side of the pond.

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The FMs: “Eyes Are Suffering” by Eileen Shapiro


The genius behind The FMs, Matt Namer, was recently coaxed to relieve the inner-most essence of their new single “Eyes Are Suffering”. The band, known amongst other things as a true force in the sensibility and reconstruction of the complacency of the world, has once again created a powerful message, an anthemic reality within this explosive track.

The band itself is an orgasmic anomaly, ready to right the wrongs of society in the most musically goth reflections possible….

Your new single “Eyes Are Suffering” is musically super intense in the best possible way. What’s the message?

We wanted to create an anthem against ignorance and complacency.

So what influenced you to write this anthem?

The melody actually came to me while I was walking around by myself at night in the middle of Yangon, Myanmar during a heavy thunderstorm. Do you ever have moments where you feel like humanity are a giant race of zombies, mindlessly focusing on the menial distractions around them? Is my AC working, did my baseball team win the game? It’s like being in a bad dream where everyone is sleepwalking and you’re screaming at them, but they won’t wake up.
In case someone doesn’t know who The FMs are yet, please briefly describe the group’s Philosophy and intentions.


A big theme for us is celebrating Frances and mine’s gender queerness, hence our name (Female/Males, or Femmes or Fuck Me Sillies). Beyond that we do our best to write meaningful lyrics that advocate change, or at least contemplate our situation. We also host underground events called SUBVERT that celebrate subculture, taboo, and rebellion, often through kink, queerness, and live music.

Will there be a new album forthcoming soon?

We just signed to ADIM records actually and will be putting out an EP with them within the next few months. We’ll be remixing some of our songs off Machinacene Epoch and including Eyes Are Suffering on it. We also have some really great videos we’ve been producing around the corner for “Extender” and “Change Your Men Up.”

Do you feel like music is your destiny, like it was decided before you were born?

Perhaps we are all on a predetermined path of chemical reactions. If all matter in the universe follows a set path and predictable way of behaving than it should be theoretically possible to predict absolutely everything that happens in the future of our universe. Perhaps it is our destiny to be able to perceive time both forwards and backwards. Perhaps the universe has a great rewinding process just like a VHS tape after its done expanding, and then maybe after its done rewinding it plays the tape all over again and expands in exactly the same way it did before. Maybe we are all on a giant hamster wheel of time that spans trillions upon trillions of years and we’ve had this conversation trillions and trillions of times. That said I’m a little weary of people who claim its their destiny to do things, at worst it lets them off the hook for committing terrible acts, and at best it probably makes them lazy.

Any up and coming shows, projects, revelations?

Tons of stuff. We’ll be playing the Elements Festival memorial day weekend, we’re doing a show at Gold Sounds on March 10th, our first without our drummer, and we’re trying to plan some tours and SUBVERT festivals in Brooklyn for the spring. As far as revelations, I think It’s time for me to get off the pulpit here, maybe the readers can comment with some of theirs in the comment section of this article.


The FMs

Saskia Vese: The Wonder Woman of Country Music By Eileen Shapiro


As naïve as Loretta Lynn in “A Coal Miners Daughter”, yet as strong as she became, British Country singer Saskia Vese is quickly creating a supreme buzz both in the U.K. as well as stateside. Sounding similar to the iconic Shania Twain, and equally as talented, Saskia’s dreams of recording a country hit is just moments away.

With two singles already recorded, her third single entitled, “Slow Dance” was just released on December 23, 2017, and is already making a dent in the country scene. Having aspirations of visiting New York, and eventually recording in Nashville, Saskia is designing her own career, crafting her talent, and planning some gigs in the US.

I met Saskia on the streets of London, along with her little dog Ambia, and found her easily to be a brand new friend. Aside from her singing and recording, she is also a successful fashion model, which she uses as a vehicle to follow her musical dream.

What first stimulated you to become a singer?

Olivia newton John got me interested in country music. I officially started singing after hearing Shania Twain, who is one of my favorite singers.

In a country like the U.K. that is inundated with rock influenced genres, how did you come to love country music?

After watching “Grease” I started researching the career of Olivia Newton John, and when I realized she was a Grammy Award Winning Country Music Singer I started listening to her music all of the time . I used to sing all of her songs, I know them all and have all of her albums.


What is your favorite reason for singing to live audiences?

I am very passionate about my music and love to share and hopefully connect with them on a level that everyone can identify with. I hope that my fans and music lovers enjoy what I do as I love performing for them.

Do you have a favorite singer, and why?

Olivia Newton John is my favorite singer. Olivia Newton John has written such a large catalog of phenomenal songs and touches people in a way you wouldn’t think possible . Olivia is willing to reveal how she’s feeling in a song. I think that Olivia Newton John is courageous, strong, passionate and kind, and hope to emulate her career. I play her music almost every day and really respect her as an artist.

If you could write the soundtrack of your life, what songs would be on it?

The soundtrack of my life would consist of Country songs, old Americana songs, Country/Rock Pop songs, Acoustic guitar ballads and Uptempo ballads.

Someone has just written the story of your life, what’s the title?

“Love Is The Reason In The End”

Where do you hope to be in five years?

I hope to be signed to Sony Records in Nashville and to have homes in Nashville and New York, while having 2-3 successful Country albums. I would also love to sing live on the Jules Holland show on BBC TV and radio.

What is your very best quality, and why?

I have a pure strong heart, I really like to help others as well as pursuing my dreams of being a successful country singer. I think it is important to have a pure strong heart that you live by or else your dreams will never be yours.

When you’re not doing music, what are you doing?

I love going to the cinema, walking my dog Ambia , spending time with my family, studying Apple Apps, listening to my jukebox quite loud, playing dance music and singing karaoke.

If you could give the younger Saskia advice, what would you tell her?

Stay at school until your 18-19, then attend University for 3-4 years. When you have completed this task you will be ready to tackle the world. Also, avoid having a boyfriend when you are young and ambitious

If you could tell your fans anything, what would you want them to know?

I’d want them to know that now they have me and will never be alone again. Hopefully the lyrics to my music will guide them like Olivia Newton John guided me.

What’s new for Saskia in 2018 and beyond?

My new single “Slow Dance” is now out and available on iTunes and Amazon worldwide. We are working on playing several UK music festivals and possibly a tour in New York. I am going to NYC in March for a few months to write, record, and hone my craft. The possibilities are endless and I want to thank all my fans for their never-ending support.
Twitter @saskia_vese

Review: Sluka “Colorful Radiation” By Addison Coleman

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

As a balanced musical artist, Christopher Sluka possesses the capacity to shrewdly verbalize himself in numerous genres, platforms, and mediums. As a vocalist, lyricist, artist, and entertainer, he has released 11 studio collections to critical acclaim.

Notwithstanding music-production, Sluka is additionally a striking visual craftsman, increasing worldwide exhibition for his surrealistic oil works of art that have graced displays from New York to San Diego, and Tokyo to Milan.

Towards the beginning of his profession, while performing live in the New York music scene, Sluka created a name for himself and was often included with many multi-platinum artists of the time in conversation. With comparisons to Coldplay, David Bowie, and many others, Sluka is a constant force to be reckoned with in the world of mainstream and indie music.

“Colorful Radiation” is the title of Sluka’s eleventh release, and it is being met with amazing support from the industry and fans worldwide. “Number One” is the first single released, and the video is doing very well, with a ukulele introduction like nothing ever heard on an incredible rock track. Watch the video for “Number One” and you will see what I am talking about:


“Colorful Radiation” Track Listing:

Number One
Tease Me
A Mode Of Joy
Slinging Slights
Cold War
Visceral Repercussions

Many of the songs have incredible harmonies and piano melodies, “Virga” stands out as one of the album highlights, with great musicianship and a soaring vocal range that radiates to all who are listening.

Sluka’s vocals are like no other, sometimes bewildering and other times giving out a chilling positive vibe that compliments his musicianship and free spirited, celebratory attitude.

Many of the tracks on “Colorful Radiation” are piano-laden with lush string instrumentals that create a sound unique to the artist, always combining soothing harmonious vocals to all of the songs on the album, whether they are stadium stompers, ballads and everything in between.

“Colorful Radiation” now has a visual album that contains all 10 songs has been released as a combo 3D, 4K and Blu-ray package on Amazon. Get it today so you really comprehend the genius that is Sluka.